Flatter Your Face Shape


Flatter Your Face Shape

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The right haircut for your face shape will do wonders to highlight your best features and downplay problem areas.  Whether you have a long face, oval, square or heart-shaped mug, the hairstyle you pick can either flatter or flatten out features.  The tips below should help you pick out the best style for your shape.



If you have a square shape, your face will be nearly the same width as length, and have angular features and a strong jawline.  The type of hairstyle you’ll want will highlight your eyes and soften a sharp jaw.  Long curly or wavy hair looks great with this face shape, softening features and lengthening the look of the face.  If you’re a short hair kinda girl, a layered bob with sideswept bangs will break up harder face lines and give the illusion of a tapered jaw. Styles to avoid: blunt cuts like a single-length bob and straight bangs. These accentuate the angular features and give a harder appearance.



Long face shapes are characterized by thin features and have more length than width.  You’re looking to create the illusion of a wider face and add symmetry.  Bangs are your friend! Blunt, straight brow lengths bangs will cut the appearance of your face in half and highlight brow and cheek bones.  Also, look to curls and waves to add body and volume to your face. Shoulder-length hair works best for this shape.  Styles to avoid: long styles drag your look down and make a long face look even longer.



A round face will be nearly the same width and length, but have much softer features than a square face.  Your cheekbones tend to disappear, so you want a hairstyle that brings this part of your face to life, and tapers to create the illusion of a stronger chin.  Look for a style that adds volume on top with bangs and shorter layers around the crown, and then longer layers to your chin and shoulders.  Lengthier styles will pull your chin down and make the face appear thinner.  Styles to avoid: too many curls around the cheeks and eyes will make you look like a Cabbage Patch doll, so go for light waves or straight styles.



The most striking feature of a heart shaped face tends to be a pointy chin.  For this reason you want a style that detracts from that area and highlights the eyes and high cheekbones.  Longer styles work great for this shape, as do bangs of all types: blunt cut, sideswept or longer layers.  Also try longer layered bobs that bring the eye downward and make the hair the focal point and not the chin.  Styles to avoid: no chin length bobs here.  Don’t do any style that hits at or above the jawline, or your chin will take center stage and your other gorgeous features will be lost.

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