Accent Your Best Features With the Right Cut


Accent Your Best Features With the Right Cut

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You’ve got the dress, the matching shoes, your favorite lip color and volumizing mascara… but what about your hair? The way you wear your hair can accentuate certain features of your face and body, and make you stand out for your loved on your upcoming night out on the town.


Studies suggest that men overall prefer long locks, but modern pixie and bob cuts that are cute and flirty have brought the traditional flowing hairstyles some competition in recent years. The key to hair of any length is to keep it healthy, have it trimmed often (usually every 4-6 weeks) and use cleaning and styling products that are nourishing and strengthening for your tresses.

Straight hair

Hair that has been straightened by a flat iron, for example, not only looks sleek, it also gives guys a subconscious sign that you have a good diet and overall good health. Keep the frizz away with shine products, and ask our stylist for a finishing product that’s right for your hair type.

Flowing locks

This classic, luscious look gives off an air of vibrancy and vitality. Make sure your lavish locks are carefully curled and styled, however, so you can avoid frizz in wintery weather. We often recommend curling your hair with large curlers to prevent tight curls from forming. Use your hands to separate sections, and use a flexible spray to hold it all in place.

Face-framing layers

Whether you want to accent your eyes or your cheekbones, a layered look may be the right one for you. Carefully cut layers can bring out your best facial features, and our stylists can give suggestions for your specific face and body shape.

Short and sweet

Go for a side-swept pixie cut or a straight cut bob this winter if you want to accentuate your neck and shoulders. These cuts, while drawing attention to the face, also bring the eyes to your upper body. Wearing a low neckline or a sleeveless dress will also complement this look.

We’d love to help you bring your dream hairstyle to life. Call to make your appointment today.


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