Yes, You Do Need a Trim Every 6 – 8 Weeks!


Yes, You Do Need a Trim Every 6 – 8 Weeks!

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You’ve probably heard your stylist tell you that you need a trim every six to eight weeks, but do you really schedule those appointments on time? Turns out, many women go longer than eight weeks without visiting the salon, and most say that it’s because they’re trying to grow out their hair. If this is your excuse, you should know that giving your hair a trim isn’t going to sabotage your hair-growing goals. In fact, by not keeping up with regular trim, your ends are likely to become extra dry and in turn will split and break off, resulting in shorter hair. Regular trims will not only take off all the dry dead ends, but it’ll also reshape your hair so you don’t look like a shaggy dog as you try to grow out your locks.

A trim quickly eliminates split ends. Picture a rope that has come undone at the ends and continues to unwind. That’s how split ends work. And, you can’t put split ends back together, no matter what product the ads say. If you don’t remove the fraying ends, hair continues to split up the hair shaft, causing dryness and frizziness which looks straw-like and full of flyaways. The only way to stop the splitting is to cut the ends off above the damage. Trimming your hair about half an inch about every six to eight weeks, even when trying to grow out your hair, will result in healthier hair because you are eliminating the main source of damage. When these ends don’t break off, hair really will be longer! Here are a few reminders as to why you should get regular trims:

  • Gives the illusion that hair is growing faster, because the ends aren’t constantly breaking off.
  • Keeps style lines fresh so hair falls into place easier upon styling.
  • Keeps the cuticle intact to keep hair color in and a smoother, healthier appearance.
  • Eliminates tangles, which begin at frayed ends.

Other than a pair of cut-off denim shorts, would you ever wear clothes that were frayed at the bottoms? No, so don’t wear your hair that way either.

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