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Sometimes the best hairstyles are the ones that look like you didn’t even try. Rocking an effortlessly chic look like this requires a certain level of balance between looking undone and polished. Whether you only have a few minutes to create your cute, casual do, or if you want to show off how trendy you are, below are a few quick and simple hairstyles for everyone this fall.

Instead of spending all morning fighting your hair’s natural texture, save yourself some time and work with it. Emphasize the natural beauty of your locks in minutes by creating a tousled Bohemian look. Simply start by roughing up your hair and work in a texturizing cream, like Aveda’s Light Elements TM Texturizing Crème. This will help enhance that undone, refined look. With center parts being all the rage this fall, channel the 70s and part your hair down the center. Continue by twisting a small section of hair on each side of the part and pinning it at the back. If your hair is too short to pin at the back, pin at the sides. For a slightly different look, instead of twisting those sections, try braiding them.

For ladies with short hair, creating the polished “bedhead” look is super-easy. Start with clean locks and blow dry them until damp. Then work a nickel-size amount of styling gel, like Aveda’s BrilliantTM Retexturing Gel, through hair and let it air-dry. Don’t brush it. Once it’s completely dried, finger comb locks and fluff it up. Then apply some styling wax, like Aveda’s Light ElementsTM Shaping Wax, to your fingers and rake through tresses to get a more piece-y, polished look.

For a go-to fall hairstyle with a more flirtatious flare, try a side ponytail. Sported by many celebrities and seen on the red carpet and in weddings, the side pony tail is a quick and easy way to get a sexy evening look. Start off by giving your hair more volume and shine with Aveda’s Volumizing Tonic. Part your hair to one side and gently pull your hair back and secure to the side in a low ponytail with an elastic band. Hide the elastic band by taking a small section of hair, winding it around the elastic and securing with a bobby pin.

If you have a couple extra minutes, enhance the romantic ambiance of the side ponytail by wrapping hair around the barrel of a 1-inch curling iron for a few seconds. Finger comb curls to create a more tousled look, and finish with a light hair spray like Aveda’s Air ControlTM Hair Spray. This hair spray will create a flexible hold without any stiffness or crispiness. For an extra hint of Hollywood glam, pair with a set of bold earrings.

So if you had a long night that left you with wild and untamed locks, work with it this fall. With a few minutes and the right styling products, these fabulous fall dos will leave you looking effortlessly chic day or night.

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