Curly Hair That Says Ooo! Fall-la-la!


Curly Hair That Says Ooo! Fall-la-la!

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With the sun beating down on you, the harsh chlorine from the pool, and the salt from the beach, you may notice that summer has left your curls looking dry and damaged. Don’t fall into autumn with uncontrollable frizz. Transform your dehydrated, lifeless locks into sassy, vivacious curls using Aveda’s Be CurlTM Kit, a curl-perfecting system that dramatically reduces frizz and defines curl up to 57 percent.

Whether you live in a humid or dry climate, it’s crucial to replenish dry hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to eliminate frizz. To set the stage for healthy, fabulous curls that last all day, wash your locks with Aveda’s curl-enhancing shampoo and conditioner. Enricheded with wheat proteins and an organic aloe blend, this duo works to boost curl and wave, while an invigorating citrus aroma refreshes your senses.

Prep your locks for a look that lasts by using Aveda’s Be Curly TM Style-PrepTM. This product adds moisture and curl definition as it seals the cuticle, taming frizz all day. Enriched with macadamia nut, guar bean, plant-derived cellulose, and organic baobab and babassu oil, this product not only softens and moisturizes tendrils, but it helps maintain curly styles throughout the day. Use 2-3 pumps for short, fine hair and 3-5 pumps for long, thick hair, and apply it through damp mane for gorgeous, perfectly formed curls. You can even use it on days you don’t shampoo to refresh your curls.

Now it’s time to begin styling. To intensify curls, tame frizz and boost shine, apply Aveda’s Be CurlyTM Curl Enhancer. Section your hair into half up and half down. Take a small amount of the enhancer and stroke it through locks, using less in the front and more in the back, focusing on the ends. While you have your hair like this, it’s also a good idea to apply a thermal protector to shield tendrils from heat damage. Comb the curl enhancer and thermal protector all the way through tresses, from top to bottom, to ensure the product gets evenly distributed.

For the best results, section your mane off starting at the nape of the neck and sectioning your way up towards the crown. Twist sections of hair into coils. Twist large section for bigger, looser curls, and tiny section for tighter, springier curls. If you don’t have time to do your whole head, just twist a few sections in the front. Follow up by turning head upside down and blow drying tendrils with a diffuser on high heat and low speed. Diffusing spreads the heat and power of the air over a larger surface, causing fewer frizzes. When the hair is 75 percent dry, sit up and continue drying curls until completely dry.

If you still want more curl definition, grab random pieces to enhance and wrap around a curl rod for a few seconds, then release. If you want less volume in your curls, opt to air dry instead. Finish curls with Aveda’s Light ElementsTM Texturizing Crème for a light hold that gives even more moisture and curl definition.

Nobody wants to welcome fall with dry, frizzy hair, and with so many product out there, it’s hard to find one that won’t leave your hair in a “crunchy” mess. With Aveda’s Be CurlyTM Kit, everyone will look at you and say, “Ooo, fall-la-la-la!”

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